An Incredibly Beautiful Testimony of the Power of HBOT

"Prior to my Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment beginning in June 2008, by Dr. Harch, I found myself living in a daily fog that was later diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Everything from my ability to think to my impatient, misery/depression filled interaction with my family and friends, to writing and reading was affected by this PTSD fog. My frustration levels were extremely high. My family life was compromised to the point of my wife feeling as though she had an adult child in the house and my son didn't think I was very fun either! I was living in daily frustration with not being able to think clearly, sleeping on and off through out the day and generally, not having the capability to work or interact for very long with others. I was miserable. Knowing who I was before the TBI/PTSD, yet dealing with what I had become was depressing. I simply couldn't get myself out of that hole the head injury had caused.

Literally, during the first two Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments, I found parts of my brain waking up and the fogginess becoming less intrusive. By the time I finished 80 treatments, I had rediscovered the ability to enjoy reading a book again for the first time in five years! Writing this simple statement would have taken me three or four hours before treatment but now, a matter of fifteen minutes. I have high hopes of working full time after my medical retirement from the Army and most importantly, my wife and son still come up to me on occasion and just hug me.. They then mention how happy they are to have their husband and father back. I also found myself able to sleep again and feel refreshed!

I still struggle with various issues, some cognitive and some physical, but I'm so very grateful that the Lord placed Dr. Harch in my path to recovery. Dr. Harch and his staff are some of the most dedicated, sincere and hard working medical professionals I've ever been treated by. The quality of life improvements I've seen since being treated by Dr. Harch have made the difference between an existence of sitting at home, too confused and frustrated to LIVE, and a life with hope, patience and most importantly, a reduction in the daily fog of brain injury. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has helped me to find my motivation and desire for life again."

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We're looking for individuals who would like to lead a "Vets Town Hall" this Veteran's Day - November 11th - in their city's City/Town Hall.

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The idea behind a Veterans Town Hall is to give vets of all wars a chance to address their community directly and without intermediaries. As a veteran speaking at a town hall event, you will be addressing a crowd that includes everything from close friends and family to complete strangers. But these are the people you risked your life for; these are the people you went to war for. No one goes to war and returns home unaffected. It’s not fair - or healthy – for veterans to be left alone with these burdens. They belong to all of us.

The event should be solemn and non-political. There will be no question-and-answer period afterward. There will be no debate on the merits or justifications of war. There will be no recriminations or accusations. This is simply a chance for veterans to tell the community what it felt like to go to war. Many vets will be incredibly proud. Others will be angry. Some might be crying too hard to speak. A community ceremony like this will return the experience of war to our entire nation rather than just leaving it to the people who fought. The bland phrase, I support the troops, will now mean showing up at town hall once a year to hear these people out." - Sebastian Junger



>> A large study of 206,000 veterans (using VA health records from 2000 to 2007) determined that one in three patients were diagnosed with at least one mental heath disorder – 41% were diagnosed with either a mental health or behavioral adjustment disorder, with 15% diagnosed with depression. (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2010)

>> Vets who have been prescribed painkillers and suffer from PTSD along with physical pain are at high risk for drug and alcohol abuse. (Journal of American Medical Association report, March 2012)

>> At least 63% of attempted Army suicides were associated with drug or alcohol overdose. (Army 2020: Generating Health and Discipline in the Force Ahead of the Strategic Reset, 2012)

>> Most soldiers today have deployed at least once; many have deployed two or more times on 12- to 15-month rotations. Nearly two-thirds of those soldiers who deployed had less than 24 months of “dwell” time spent back home resetting, retraining and recuperating before deploying again. (Army 2020: Generating Health and Discipline in the Force ahead of the Strategic Reset, 2012.)


"My Promise Act and Cover Act, which now head to the president's desk, will bring about necessary reforms at the VA to ensure our veterans have access to safe, quality, personalized care....

....The Cover Act will further change the way the VA approaches the treatment of mental health. This bipartisan provision provides a pathway forward that will eventually allow veterans to have a range of options for mental health treatments such as outdoor sports therapy, >>Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy<<, accelerated resolution therapy and service dog therapy."

A military family's mission continues to help veterans...

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been used to treat PTSD & TBI in Veterans for years. Even with improvement in symptoms, this practice is not recognized by insurance companies and can get very expensive.

Have a read on how HBOT has been helping one military family's progression back to a happy and health life.

"Chuck and Elizabeth have seen a marked improvement in Chuck's affect since beginning hyperbaric oxygen therapy. But it's expensive and not covered by insurance. Chuck received funding for his treatment, but having felt and witnessed the benefits he and Elizabeth wanted to make sure that other veterans also had this opportunity, or any alternative medical opportunity that might help. They also work to spread awareness of what invisible wounds are and how they affect the injured and their families."
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Our Efforts for HBOT for Vets

Although there are many different treatments for veterans with PTSD and TBI, research shows that, far too often, veterans drop out of traditional therapeutic treatments because the process of recounting traumatic events is so emotionally difficult for them. In addition, they often fail to continue drug treatments due to the drug’s side effects along with the potential for addiction. VTSN believes that, in some situations, drugs can be extremely helpful short-term, but the real goal is for our Veterans to eventually be able to function without drugs and without prolonged psychotherapy – to live as close as possible in a natural state of calm and good health.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is unique to any other therapy used for brain injuries and neurological conditions like PTSD. It is the only therapy known that can significantly raise the oxygen content in the brain and cause an adaptation for repair and quicker recovery for patients like war veterans. Oxygen makes all of life possible. Our cells, muscles, tissues and vital organs require oxygen to regenerate and to keep our bodies healthy and stable. HBOT is simply amazing.

HBOT therapy has proven effectiveness and should now be considered as a treatment option in conjunction with other primary treatments, but insurance providers still don’t cover the costs for this treatment. Having this procedure done in a local hospital can cost upwards of $800 to $1,200 per session – far out of reach for most of our veterans!

Your donation will help us provide this simple, noninvasive treatment to our veterans absolutely at no cost to them! They deserve the very best treatment that medical science has to offer. It’s the very least that we can do!

Head over to our "Take Action" page for more information on how you can get involved!!

 Notice the increased blood flow after treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy!

Notice the increased blood flow after treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy!